Meet the Staff

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  • Paul Mullane

    Paul Mullane has been in the car business for practically his entire life! Even as a youngster Paul wanted to be involved in the family-owned dealership. He started out detailing cars and filling other positions around the dealership. Eventually, he took ownership and became president of Mullane Motors, of which he still operates today. Unlike many other dealers, Paul actually makes himself available to listen to the needs and concerns of customers and potential buyers. You can actually call or email him directly!

    He is a family man and a people person. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Annette, their daughters, and now grandchildren! He likes spending time at the lake, golfing, and traveling (even when it's work related!). Family owned businesses, especially car dealerships, are becoming less and less common. Paul's integrity and family values help keep Mullane Motors an honest and successful family owned and operated dealership. He's a good guy to work for and a good guy to buy a car from.

  • Jeff Jakubowski
    Used Car Sales Manager

    Jeff has been in the car business for over 10 years. He is highly experienced in all aspects of vehicle sales like: trade in appraisals, working deals, keeping customers happy, keeping inventory up to date, and so much more. Jeff previously worked at another car dealership (a very big name dealership).

    Needless to say, we are truly blessed that he became part of our team. Every car dealership operates a little differently (internally). Jeff learned our system so fast that he was up and running in 2 days, which is remarkable! Best of all, (in my opinion) he is very computer proficient, which makes my job (as the IT manager/Web Admin) quite a bit easier.

    He's someone who truly has fun in the car business, but outside of work he likes to golf, enjoy a nice cigar, play with his Siberian Huskies (he has 3 of them). Of course, his favorite thing is spending time with his 2 children.

    You're the man, Jeff!

  • Ben Macdonald
    General Manager

    In September of 2016, Mullane Motors happily welcomed Ben Macdonald to the team. He has over 16 years of experience in the car business. When asked what his favorite part of working at Mullane Motors is, he answered: "Working with Paul Mullane everyday… I mean, working with people.  The employees and customers are fantastic people." Outside of work he enjoys riding four wheelers and other outdoor activities. He loves going to the gym ridiculously early in the morning (seriously... how many people have the dedication to work out at 5AM? My alarm clock doesn't even have a 5AM). That is the kind of dedication he brings to the dealership!

    He and his wife (high school sweetheart) are happily married with 3 kids. He loves spending time with his family and attends church regularly, of which his father is the pastor. Ben is a good addition to the team, and I am not just saying that because he is my General Manager ;) He brings a lot of experience and "drive." to Mullane Motors.

  • Justin Wickham
    Sales Manager

    Justin has to be the hardest working guy at the dealership, which is no easy feat (we have a lot of very hard working people here)! He works so much that he actually lives in a minivan on our showroom floor! Okay... maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But in all seriousness, Justin is undoubtedly one of the most dedicated employees of Mullane Motors.

    Justin originally started here 20-something years ago as a sales consultant. It was quickly realized that Justin's talents were being underutilized. He was offered the position of Sales Manager, which he accepted. To this day we are glad that he did! He is the main guy that makes deals happen. If you're looking for a hard to find vehicle, he will locate it for you. If you need to be at a certain payment, he'll make the numbers work for you.

    He provides so many invaluable services to us and our customers. It's impossible to list them all. Mullane Motors has one of the best Sales Managers in the industry. Let Justin help you get the deal you want! You'll drive away happy!

  • Matt Hill
    IT Manager

    By far the most important person at Mullane Motors is Matt Hill, or maybe that's a bit of a stretch. But hey, I'm the one who gets to write all of the employee bios, so let's stick with "me being the most important person at the dealership." :) I've been here for over ten years! After graduating NCCC with a degree in Computer Information Systems I found a job unrelated to my field... Concrete Work! Busting up old driveways, getting sand in my hair, and working 14 hour (back-breaking) days got old pretty quick.

    Three months in, I lucked into the best job ever! I happened upon an ad in the Lockport Union Sun & Journal for a web administrator at Mullane Motors. The rest is history! My role has evolved over the years from taking pictures of used cars and maintaining our website to providing tech support and maintaining our IT infrastructure.

    I like the family type atmosphere at Mullane Motors and am truly proud to work here. Paul Mullane is a great boss, and I absolutely love interacting with him, or as he would call it "annoying him" (apparently, many people would call me a chatterbox). Everyone here is great. The dealership is great. Our cars are great. The only thing that would make Mullane Motors better is if we were in the Florida Keys. I wouldn't want to work or do anything else, except maybe be a video game tester (if that's even a real job). Obviously, I love computers (as long as they are working right!), video games, fishing, writing computer code, and TV (I would go crazy without it).

  • Kevin Dugan
    Finance Manager

    With over 30 years of experience in the car business, Kevin certainly knows how to deal with banks. He's great at getting customers financed at the payment they need and with the best possible rate. Even if your credit isn't great, Kevin will go to bat for you! There's a good chance he can get you financed even if other places can't. On top of that, he is our extended warranty and service plan expert.

    Kevin loves being outdoors. Golfing and fishing are two of his favorite hobbies. His greatest pastime is relaxing around the pool with his kids and grand kids.

  • Amber Demmin
    Customer Relations Manager

    Good customer service is certainly a skill, and it takes a special type of person. Amber Demmin joined us in October of 2016 as our Customer Relations Manager. Right from the start her people skills and dedication to customer service were obvious. Customers (and fellow employees) love her! If you inquire about a vehicle online, Amber is likely the one who will help you with your vehicle search. She also follows up with sales and service customers to ensure that they are happy with their purchase/experience at Mullane Motors.

    Before starting at Mullane Motors, Amber worked 7 days a week at a local dairy farm. She loves animals, especially her dogs. She loves outdoor activities, even in the winter! In the summertime she spends a lot of time at the dirt track with her family and friends as well as supporting her boyfriend as he races. Let Amber help you with your vehicle search. You'll be glad you did!

  • Patrick Kwiatkowski
    BDC/Sales Consultant

    Tons of awesome cars, the best employees in the business, and remarkable car deals have made Mullane Motors business "boom!" Our Internet Sales and Customer Relations Departments are growing rapidly! Our team is excellent at responding to customers in a very timely manner, and business continues to expand. Patrick is here to help us handle the ever-growing and endless wave of internet and floor traffic even more efficiently!

    He has been in the car business for over 2 years and loves it! "Meeting new people everyday," is one of his favorite parts of the job. He's a true Buffalonian (did I just make up a new word?)... he loves the Bills and Sabres! He's also a Baltimore Orioles fan, so maybe we'll retract that "true Buffalonian" thing. At least he's not a Patriots fan ;)

    If you have a question about a vehicle you saw online, need more information, want to set up a test drive, or basically anything else, give Patrick a call! He's very happy to help!

  • Steve Whalen
    Sales Phenom

    Most of you probably know who Steve Whalen is, and not just because he's been at Mullane Motors for well over 20 years. People tend to gravitate towards his energetic and "happy go lucky" personality. Some people are "just memorable." That describes him perfectly. He seems to know just about everyone in Lockport. He has many loyal customers, probably numbering in the THOUSANDS! Just as impressive is the fact that he remembers his customers! You are more than just a number to him.

    Steve enjoys socializing at "the ole' watering hole." Steve is definitely what you'd call a "busy body." If he's not working, he's out doing something like golfing or bowling. When he's not on the go, he loves to watch action movies. Steve and his wife Margret have two children and three grandchildren. If you're looking for a car, stop in and see him. He'll leave a lasting impression.

  • Bruce Tarnowski
    Sales Pro

    Bruce has been at Mullane Motors since 1990! He's been in the car business over 38 years, although he doesn't look it! Bruce actually used to do auto body/collision work before getting into auto sales. This gives him a unique perspective in the car business. He's got an eye for quality which his customers greatly appreciate! Bruce enjoys interacting with people and helping customers find the car of their dreams.

    Even outside of work, cars are a big part of Bruce's life. He restores classic cars and enjoys going to the Lancaster speedway. When Bruce takes his hard-earned, and well-deserved vacation time, he likes to go down to Florida. He has two beautiful daughters and a grandchild on the way! Bruce has been with Mullane Motors for nearly 30 years because he knows how to treat customers.

  • Mark Doel
    Sales Consultant

    One of our veteran sales pros, Mark Doel has been at Mullane Motors for well over 8 years. Before starting here in 2009 he was a golf instructor, which naturally required people skills. His people skills and attention to detail made him a perfect fit for Mullane Motors. He's very easy to talk to and makes the car buying process simple to understand.

    Outside of work, Mark still enjoys playing golf. He loves spending time with his family, especially his son, Zack. Mark is a big Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fan. If you're pondering the purchase of a new or used vehicle, let Mark help you. He makes the process so easy!

  • Joe Nelson
    Sales Consultant

    Joe is one of our newest team members. He started about a year ago and quickly hit the ground running. He's great with customers. When asked what he likes about working here, Joe explained that he enjoys helping a customer find their ideal car and seeing that customer happy with their new vehicle. With so many options on the market, finding the best vehicle to fit your needs and fit your budget is a skill... a skill that Joe has mastered in a short amount of time (and continues to master).

    He enjoys riding motorcycles and playing football in his free time. Joe is now the proud owner of a young German Shepard. If you need help finding just the right car, stop in to see Joe Nelson. He's easy to deal with and won't lead you in the wrong direction.

  • Anthony Olecharski
    Sales Consultant

    A pro when it comes to finding you the ideal car for your ideal budget, Anthony has honed this skill for over 10 years. He recently signed on to Mullane Motors. A good sales person needs to have integrity, people skills, and of course, knowledge of the product they sell. Anthony has all of these qualities. It's hard to find good sales people, but Mullane Motors is lucky to have many! Anthony is our newest addition.

    Anthony loves interacting with people at work as well as outside of work. He enjoys horseback riding and scuba diving. He is the proud owner and captain of a sale boat! Perhaps his favorite activity is Salsa Dancing. He loves Broadway and live shows. Anthony is a man of many talents, and one of those talents is finding you a car! Stop in to see him at Mullane Motors.

  • Laurie Helfrich
    Office Manager

    Laurie is the most important person in the entire dealership, and I'm not just saying that because she does our paychecks ;) In all seriousness, Laurie is an exceptional person that provides so many valuable services to us. Even a small business involves lots of "wonderful" paperwork. A business the size of Mullane Motors, with a few dozen employees and hundreds of vehicles, produces a DAUNTING amount. Since 1993 Laurie has been handling the bulk of our clerical tasks.

    Laurie has 6 children and 4 granddaughters, with one more on the way! She takes advantage of any opportunity to spend time with her family. She and her husband enjoy traveling and going out to eat.

  • Pat Mullane
    Assistant Office Manager

    Mullane Motors would be lost without Pat. We wouldn't know what to do without her! She is truly an invaluable asset to us. There are so many different things that she does here including deal paperwork and bookkeeping. Trying to sum it all up wouldn't do her justice! Pat joined the family business in 1991. She is a great person to be around. Her positive attitude and bright personality spreads to those around her.

    Pat is a diehard Buffalo Bills fan as well as a Sabres fan. She is the proud aunt to 14 nieces and nephews! Pat is an all around great person. She's someone you can count on.

  • Kristina Hoffstetter
    Office Assistant

    In May of 2017, Mullane Motors was lucky to convince Kristina Hoffstetter to leave her career in the health and wellness field and join our team. She is a very intelligent person with the ability to learn fast. This quickly made her an integral part of office operations. Without Kristina, the office would turn into an apocalyptic wasteland. Papers, deals, bills, vehicle information, etc... would pile up so quickly that few people would even dare to step into the office.

    As much as we like and appreciate Kristina, she likes us! She enjoys the job she does and the people she works with. She especially enjoys the "family like atmosphere." Speaking of family, Kristina has 3 kids.

    I asked her what she does for fun, and she jokingly replied "I don't do anything for fun, I have kids." In all seriousness, she is a very devoted mother and selfless person. Her kids are her life, and she enjoys every minute she spends with them.

    Thanks for being here for us, Kristina!

  • Dave Mullane
    Service Writer

    Dave has been in the car business for over 30 years! After attending Northwood University, Dave worked at a Toyota dealership and a Pontiac dealership in Maryland. When he finally moved back to New York he became a rep for Chrysler. Then, in 2004 he came to Mullane Motors to help keep the service department running smooth. His diverse background gave him great experience with different vehicle brands. Although Mullane Motors is a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealership, we can work on just about any make and model. No matter what brand your vehicle is, Dave will guide you through the service process. He's very friendly, and customers love him!

    He and his wife have two sons and a daughter. Dave loves spending time with his family. He is an avid Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fan. Next time your vehicle needs maintenance, bring it in to Mullane Motors and see Dave!

  • Brett Doebler
    Service Advisor

    For 5 years Brett has been part of the Mullane Motors service team. His mechanical aptitude and ability to communicate clearly make Brett an excellent service advisor. He grew up working on cars, and has a thorough understanding of them. Brett makes it hassle free to get your vehicle serviced. He schedules and coordinates service appointments. Plus, he makes himself available to answer any questions a customer may have.

    He loves working on his friend's race car, but the most important thing to him is family. He spends as much time with his 3 boys as possible. Brett Doebler is a genuinely good guy with true family values. Our customers would agree that Brett is very easy to deal with. Bring your car in to Mullane Motors or give Brett a call.

  • Tim Winkelmann
    Shop Foreman

    The term "auto technician" doesn't do Tim justice. He's a "super tech," or maybe an "auto repair guru" or even a "prodigy"... you get the point. Mullane Motors is lucky to have 2 of the top Mopar technicians in the country. Tim is one of them. He's been working on cars for over 34 years! Tim is one of Mullane Motors longest-term employees and definitely one of the most experienced mechanics in New York. He truly enjoys problem solving and helping customers.

    Tim is an outdoorsman. He likes snow-mobiling, ATVS, hunting, camping, and all that good stuff. He's a "hands-on" type of person... a "Mr. Fix It." You can't find a better tech to service your vehicle!

  • Kevin Knox
    Auto Technician

    Kevin has been at Mullane Motors since 1984 and in the car business for over 39 years! He's one of the top Chrysler technicians in America. Like any true technician, he enjoys getting all dirty working on vehicles. Automobiles are complex machines with many components, and it takes the right type of mind to diagnose and repair them. When it comes to servicing your vehicle, Kevin has the skill and experience to do whatever needs to be done.

    Kevin enjoys fitness activities, especially long distance bicycling. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and pretty much anything involving nature.

  • Joe Bauer
    Auto Technician

    With over 41 years of experience in working on automobiles, Joe Bauer is one of the best technicians you'll ever meet. We have been lucky to have Joe working here since 1999! He really loves his work (and workplace :)! Tracing down a problem and providing a solution is fun to Joe (seriously... how many people actually like fixing stuff?)! Joe also likes interacting with customers and (clearly) explaining what is happening with their vehicle and what needs to be done to fix it.

    Joe is married with two kids and five grand kids. After a hard days' work he enjoys relaxing at home watching some TV and eating a nice home-cooked meal with his family. Whether your vehicle needs maintenance or repair, Joe can do it, and do it right!

  • Steve Baer
    Auto Technician

    Although he's young, Steve is one of our veteran auto technicians. He's been working on cars for fifteen years! He started at Mullane Motors in 2004. When asked what his favorite part of working at Mullane Motors is, he replied "the friendly environment." Steve gets along great with customers and the staff... and we get along great with him! Not only is Steve an exceptional technician, he also rescues us after snow storms! He's one of the guys who plows our enormous lot to keep the lanes and parking spots clear.

    He is a fan out outdoor recreation, like camping and hunting. Steve also likes fast cars and all-terrain vehicles. Bring your vehicle to Steve Baer, and you'll agree that he is a brilliant mechanic!

  • Matt Moore
    Auto Technician

    Around the age of 8 Matt knew that he wanted to be an auto technician. He was a very inquisitive child. He was fascinated by automobiles and how they operate. He even began working on them at that young of an age! As he grew, so did his experience. Eventually, Matt went to school for auto repair. He started at Mullane Motors in 2010. Matt is a very enthusiastic, experienced and exceptional technician. His skills aren't only limited to automobiles. He has an analytical mind, and enjoys troubleshooting all sorts of different issues. There aren't many things he can't fix! If your vehicle needs service or repair, Matt Moore is the right guy for the job!

  • Mark Newkirk
    Detail Manager

    If you've bought a vehicle from us, you probably noticed how nice and clean it was when you came in to pick it up. The day you take your new vehicle home is exciting, and we strive to give you the best possible experience. We want your car to be clean, extra clean... spotless! Mark Newkirk is the man for that! He does our pre-delivery auto detailing. We all like that "new car smell," and Mark even gets pre-owned vehicles exceptionally clean and fresh.

    He's been at Mullane Motors for over two years. He enjoys auto detailing and interacting with his coworkers. When he's not working hard, Mark likes to play billiards. The most important thing of all, Mark is excitedly awaiting the birth of his first child! Congrats to Mark, and we appreciate his hard work!

  • Dan Salmons
    Parts Manager

    Cars consists of thousands of parts, and unfortunately sometimes a part needs to be replaced. From oil filters, brake pads, trim pieces and even large parts like transmissions and axles, Dan can find what you need. No matter how obscure a part may be, Dan can most likely find it for you. He's been doing this for over 40 years! Mullane Motors has been blessed to have Dan with us since 1976! In fact, Paul Mullane and Dan Salmons came up in the business together.

    Dan loves nature. He's an avid photographer. He takes some really amazing pictures and videos. Spending time at the lake is one of his favorite ways to relax. He loves bike riding, snowmobiling, and running.

  • Kurt Kauffman
    Assistant Parts Manager

    For over 30 years Kurt has been helping to keep the parts and service departments moving. Without a parts department, the service department wouldn't be able to do their thing. An experienced parts manager like Kurt is able to quickly locate the auto parts our techs need to do their jobs. This efficiency translates to a much lower customer wait time.

    Mullane Motors was very fortunate to bring Kurt on board in 1986. To this day we are blessed. There aren't many guys that can do what Kurt does as efficiently as he does it. If you're looking for Mopar parts or accessories give Kurt or Dan a call!